Hi! I’m Regina. I’m double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Superior.


I am:

Some Highlights

  • Oct 2019

    Presented a poster at the 2019 Grace Hopper Celebration
  • Oct 2019

    2019 IBM Tapia Conference Scholar
  • Sep 2019

    First paper submission - 2020 ICRA
  • Sum 2019

    Research intern at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, under the supervision of Dr. Nancy Amato, Shawna Thomas, and Diane Uwacu.
  • May 2019

    2019 CRA-W GHC Research Scholar
  • May 2019

    2019 Anita B.org GHC Scholar
  • Apr 2019

    Young Researcher - 2019 Heidelberg Laureate Forum
    1/200 most qualified Young Researchers selected to participate in the 2019 Heidelberg Laureate Forum
  • Jan 2019

    Participant at the 2019 Georgia Tech Focus Program
  • Jan 2019

    2019 Impact Fellow
  • Dec 2018

    Completed my Undergrad Math Capstone
  • Dec 2018

    2019 NCWIT Collegiate Award Finalist
  • Dec 2018

    2019 [email protected] Cohort
    1/100 of the 2019 [email protected] Cohort
  • Nov 2018

    Undergraduate Participant at the 2019 WAFR Robot Guru Workshop
  • Sep 2018

    Presented a poster at the 2018 Grace Hopper Celebration
  • Sep 2018

    2018 CRA-W GHC Research Scholar
    Awarded a scholarship grant by the Computing Research Association-Women for the 2018 Grace Hopper Celebration
  • Aug 2018

    Participant at Jumpstart Finance & STEM undergraduate Forum
  • Jun 2018

    Participated in Cornell SoNIC Research Workshop
    One week research workshop where I conducted and presented research on cloud computing and networking
  • Sum 2018

    Interned at Parasol Laboratory - Texas A&M University, under the supervision of Dr. Nancy Amato and Diane Uwacu
  • May 2018

    2019 Rewriting the Code Fellow
  • Apr 2018

    Presented a poster at UW System Symposium
    Gave a poster presentation for Digital Alarm Clock.
  • Fal 2017

    Co-founded ASA UW-Superior
  • Dec 2017

    2018 CODE2040 Finalist
  • Nov 2017

    2018 KPCB Finalist
  • Oct 2017

    Participated at Snap Inc Women In Technology Conference
    Sponsored by Snap Inc. to attend their first ever women in engineering summit in LA
  • May 2017

    Awarded ABI Grace Hopper Scholarship
    Awarded a scholarship grant for the 2017 Grace Hopper Celebration.
  • Jun 2017

    Participant at Twitter #DevelopHER Program
    One of 45 attendees selected out of 1200+ applicants to attend an interactive program for second-year computer science students at Twitter HQ
  • Jul 2014

    Participated in AFRICODE Summer Camp
    One week camp where I completed an introduction to computer programming course using mobile development and robotics
  • Aug 2014

    Participated in DIGITEST ICT Camp
    Learned Mobile App development using Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Flash Builder and worked on a team to create a mobile application for farmers.
  • Nov 2013

    Awarded by FCT Agency for Science and Technology
    Awarded by the FCT Education Secretariat for representing FCT, Abuja, and winning various Science and Technology competitions
  • Nov 2013

    Participated in Blackberry STEM Innovation Camp
    A 12-hours camp where I collaborated with a team of five to brainstorm creative ways of using mobile computing for Blackberry phones
  • Aug 2013

    Participated in Google CS4HS
    A one-week programming workshop for High School students where I learned Python using Raspberry Pi and Won 1st position at the programming competition
Selected Work Experience
  • Fal 2019

    Parasol Lab-UIUC - Undergraduate Researcher
  • Sum 2019

    Parasol Lab-UIUC - Research Intern
  • Spr 2019

    Math Lab-UWS - Tutor
  • Fal 2018

    Parasol Lab-TAMU - Remote Research Collaborator
  • Sum 2018

    Parasol Lab-TAMU - Research Intern
  • Sum 2017

    Goldman Sachs - Technology Summer Analyst
  • Spr 2017

    OjaExpress - Software Engineering Intern
  • Fal 2016

    UWS - CSCI 101 SI Leader
  • Sum 2016

    Math Lab-UWS - Tutor